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MTD SnowThorX Winter Engines

All MTD Snow throwers are equipped with engines which are particularly engineered for winter use. They convince with their extraordinary good cold starting performance even after sharp frost nights. All control elements are extra large and easy to reach so they can be operated with thick winter gloves.

MTD “Xtreme-Auger”

All of the two stage snow throwers are equipped with MTD‘s unique “Xtreme-Auger”. The benefit: advanced technology for better performance. Instead of one shear pin per auger half, the “Xtreme- Auger” has one shear pin in each individual “Xtreme-Auger” assembly. Maintenance costs are thus reduced appropriately. Even harsch snow is „chopped“ up by the serrated Xtreme auger segments, before being fed into the impeller, which transfers the snow through the chute.

Skid Shoes

All of our two stage snow throwers are equipped with skid shoes, which allow you to adjust the working height and thus, clear snow off gravel, lawns and uneven terrain without damaging either the surface or the machine.

Clutch Lock

All OPTIMA models come with a Clutch Lock system which enables the user to take the left hand off the handle while the clutch stays engaged. This gives the possibility to turn the chute and change the speed in full operation. More convenience, less time, simple and easy.

MTD OPTIMA Chute-Adjustment with 4-way Joystick

Adjust the throwing direction and distance conveniently with a 4-way Joystick on the dashboard in no time. With its locking system the chute will reliably stay in place after you‘ve set it to the desired position.

MTD OPTIMA Easy-Turn Steering

The Easy-Turn steering is controlled by two trigger levers on the handle. For any turn simply pull one of these triggers and the snow thrower will follow that direction.

Balance system (for model ME T only):

1. Weight Forward Position

Bringing the lever in the very back position, shifts the weight to the front. You get extra forward leverage and can easily plough through hard-packed snow without climbing.

2. Standard Position

With the lever in the second position, the auger housing is free floating, so there is equal weight distribution. This allows you to manoeuvre easily in normal snow conditions.

3. Gravel Position

Setting the lever to the third position, this will lift the auger housing just little from ground. Use this position when clearing gravel or split walkways from snow to prevent gravel to be picked up.

4. Transport mode

When moving the lever to the foremost position, the front end is raised far up to prevent the skid shoes from scratching over the blank pavement or floor tiles.